Yes, we can use your (pre-roasted) beans for capsulation or look after careful coffee procurement and the roasting process.

Yes, Mad Coffee Capsules provides a holistic service offering extensive expertise every step of the way. We have an extensive range of the finest green beans from around the world at your disposal. We can help streamline your business with our retail ready solutions which ensures we take the headache out of the manufacturing process.

We can help streamline your business with our retail ready solutions, ensuring we take the headache out of the manufacturnig process for you.

The nitrogen flush technique used in the production of the final capsule ensures we can offer an extended shelf life of 18 months for our IML Barrier Capsule and up to 12 months for the compostable capsule.

Yes. Since Mad Coffee Capsules believes in maintaining the highest food safety standards in the industry, our facility is also SQF-certified.

We have state of the art facilities that will house three Opem capsule filling machines, a 360kg Brambati roaster and the German-made Schubert capsule packaging machine.

We also understand that unless we produce coffee grind at a consistent temperature, we will have fluctuations in our pour times so we don’t use disc grinders, instead we use water-cooled roller mills, which each produce 1500kg of ground coffee an hour.

Yes! Mad Coffee Capsules has the flexibility in its operation to cater to all shapes and sizes across all industries. We are here to provide our expertise to all segments of the market and we provide a ‘best in class’ solution to help you grow your business.